16 April 2011

The Name

It all started with a series of phone calls. Well, it really started some years back when my darling young wife decided to name our first son after me - not content to just give him my first name, she gave him my full and exact name.

Now we skip over a sizable chunk of history, during which time I become addicted to genealogy and also become active in the genealogy community, to the current time, where divorce, the bad economy, restaurants closing, new opportunities opening in our area, etc., etc., led to the son of the same name, now a chef and father of two, coming with his sons to live with his mother and me.

Now back to the series of phone calls. The eldest grandson, who seems to suspect that the time-space continuum might be interrupted should the phone ring more than twice is often first to answer, and a conversation like this one would usually ensue:
 Grandson:  "Hello?"
Caller: "Hi, is Jack there?
Grandson: "Which Jack would you like to speak to?"
Caller: "Jack Butler"
Grandson:  "Which Jack Butler? We have two."
Caller, starting to get flustered: "The one who uses this phone number."
Grandson: "Uhmm, the older one or the younger one? Jack Sr. or Jack Jr.?"
Caller: "Look, I need to talk to the Jack Butler who does genealogy!"
Grandson: "Okay, hold on a moment."

Eventually coming to the realization that callers seldom desired to play 20 questions, the grandson soon evolved his technique:
Caller: "Hi, could I speak to Jack?"
Grandson: "Did you want Chef Jack or Genealogy Jack?"
Caller: "Genealogy Jack"

And so the name evolved. My wife thinks that it is a little bit too cutesy. So be it. Genealogy Jack is in the house, where he will attempt to share tales of genealogy and occasionally try to make a point or two.


  1. Thank you for sharing how you acquired your blog title! Mine, at http://frommainetokentucky.blogspot.com/ came to me when I realized that most of my genealogy research is on ancestors who live in almost every state between Maine and Kentucky (and out to Illinois, but that would make for too long a blog name).

  2. It's perfect! Too cutesy would have been Curlicue Jack or Rainbow Brite Jack ... I love it!

    Welcome to Geneabloggers :)

  3. I've been using "Dr. Bill" - as well, to distinguish from the many other Bill Smiths...

    My third great-grandfather was John Butler, first cousin of the five "Fighting Butlers" of Revolutionary War fame. Might we be cousins? I know how complex the Butler lines are to follow!



  4. Welcome Genealogy Jack, love your blog title and looking forward to reading some great posts. Your off to a great start.

  5. Thanks, folks. Glad to have you and glad to be in good company.

    Bill, my Butler line is my saddest brick wall. I am stuck currently in South Carolina circa 1800. I feel pretty sure that they came through NC out of VA, but I cannot prove it yet.

  6. Welcome to the genealogy blogging community, Jack!

  7. Welcome to Geneablogging!! I love the name, by the way! :)