10 May 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Finding All of Our Grandmothers, Part 3


Society Pages - Check for Engagements, wedding announcements, and anniversaries. The big anniversaries (50 years+) often have some family history. Also, announcements of vists from or to out of town relatives - brothers, sisters, parents - were common in the late 1800s to mid-1900s.


Obituaries: - If it is the woman's obituary, look for brothers and parents. In online newspaper searches, look for the woman's married name in the obituaries of parents or brothers.  This one gives her maiden name and also has both parents and a brother named:

But this one is still the best obituary that I ever found. It gives her date and place of birth, names her parents, names her husband, gives the date and place of marriage, identifies a town where the family previously lied, names a couple of her children and names one of her sons-in-law. It is obituary to dream of :

Good Hunting!

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